The Forge

Tanya Lim committed suicide.
She left her savings to her brother Eric who used them to create The Forge, a short film... a message that could help others fight through the darkness of depression.

Hello in Secret

Hey everybody,

Welcome to The Forge’s News page. All of us here have been working normal people hours + Count Dracula hours to ready the site for launch. Rigorously testing it, prepping our social media launch and coordinating with our partners, SoulPancake. It all reminds me of a quote by the famous 20th century philosopher, Daft Punk:

Work it harder, make it better 
Do it faster, makes us stronger 
More than ever hour after hour 
Work is never over 

Enjoy the teaser trailer on the About and Watch page for the time being. We launch officially on Wednesday, May 8th. See you then.


© 2013 BABY UNDER THE MOON – Eric Lim & Stephen Reedy